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The whole philosophy of Noltio. From A to Z.

App development philosophy.

Clear specialization.

We specialize mainly in internal systems for clear groups of users – for example, in-house systems. We will also create a superfast corporate website or blog. And we know what clients often expect.

Speed and intuitiveness.

Web apps must be able to be used and loaded quickly, otherwise work efficiency does not increase, but decreases. And that would be the exact opposite of our and your goal.

We will take care of everything.

In addition to the development of the application itself, we provide everything related to it – from setting up servers, databases, security, through bug fixes, to the implementation of other, new, functions.

Complex testing.

We test the application regularly during the development when implementing each new functionality. Finally, we perform comprehensive testing in cooperation with end users.

Philosophy of approach to clients.

Individual approach.

Everyone has different needs. We will discuss everything with you, for example in the bar. We approach each one individually and we always want to really understand your needs.

Own ideas.

If we get an idea how to improve your application, we'll suggest it to you. Of course, it will be up to you whether you want to implement our idea into the product completely, in part, or not at all.

You'll see what we did.

If we agree on an hourly rate, you will see exactly what we have been working on and for how long. When something takes more time, you will know specifically why.

Really streamline your business.

We want our products to really make your work easier and faster. Therefore, we will invent everything so that everything suits your needs. We will meet to understand your routine.