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Establishment of Noltio. When, by whom and why.

About the founding of Noltio.

Jan Švábík. Even as a child, he wanted to be part of the IT world. During primary school, he created several websites and he discovered new technology for him – PHP so he got into programming at the end of elementary school.

During high school, he created several web applications tailored to his loved ones, acquaintances, and acquaintances of acquaintances.

At high school, he met Lukáš Gurecký – a networker at these times. During their university studies, they decided to end them and start a business. This is how Noltio was created.

2013. Unofficial start.

Even when Noltio did not exist as such, web application development operated under the Netwrop brand.

Netwrop was established in 2013 as a future company name. Jan already dreamed about his own company. After reaching adulthood, he became only an entrepreneur and continued to do business under the already well-established Netwrop brand.

After seven years of the Netwrop brand, a complete rebranding took place and at the beginning of January 2020 the company Noltio, s.r.o. was established with Lukáš Gurecký.

Rebranding? Why?

There were several factors. One was the fact that the word Netwrop is not easy to pronounce or write. Because we plan to target clients globally, we need something simpler. Something like Noltio.

The co-founders must work together. That’s why Lukáš and Jan wanted to come up with the name of the company together.

And because we are inventing various online services and other projects and we want to have everything covered by one company, we needed something more abstract. You can read more at

Declaration of meaning.

Noltio’s purpose is to develop comprehensive and easy-to-use web applications tailored to individual customers, focusing on internal systems, web services, and APIs.

We care about the usability, scalability, and security of the product and especially about the satisfaction of the end customer of such an application.

If you are interested in the principles we vehemently follow, the Noltio philosophy will be the right reading for you.