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Node.js. The successor of PHP in the backend world.

What exactly Node.js is

Node.js is essentially a JavaScript engine that each of us have in a browser. It is just moved and transferred to the server environment. "Client" JavaScript can thus be used also on the server.

Why Node.js.

PHP still remains the most widely used technology for backend of websites and web applications. Even though the code is usually not sustainable and the application is not fast enough.

The fact that PHP used to be here a lot of years before Node.js and web hosts support PHP in particular also contribute to this. It is also easier to understand PHP and write its code.

JavaScript is an asynchronous language that can process more complex code significantly faster. Especially in combination with MongoDB.

Node.js speed.

Node.js is faster than PHP in web applications for several reasons. For example, its asynchrony and callbacks are really useful for web apps.

For example, when a request arrives to the server, a query may be sent to the database server. Before the database responds, Node can process some other requests.

Another reason is JSON – the native data format in JS. MongoDB also works with data in JSON format. So by choosing a suitable database, we increase the speed even more.

What we use Node.js for

We build all the applications we develop for you on Node.js. However, we also think about its disadvantages. In some specific cases, we will use another language and pass its output to Node. A typical case are complex mathematical calculations.

We will be pleased if you will read about MongoDB. NoSQL databases are also not used as massively as SQL ones. Or, if you want a tailor-made application from us, just let us know.