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Web applications that streamline your business.

We saved 85% of time.

Thanks to our application, Mrs. Markovičová works 85% faster. As an avid syllabaries collector, she spent about five minutes adding each new piece to her site. We created a custom administration for her, thanks to which the same work will now take her about 45 seconds.

Why web apps.

When you work or do business, you want to do as much work as possible in as little time and money as possible. Nowadays, a lot of things can be automated – either completely or partially.

Web applications are the solution to certain cases. Their advantage is the ability to use them anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection. And from any device.

You can invest the money you save in another part of your business or in yourself. You can dedicate the saved time to friends and family. You will be happier and relaxed in your life.

What can be more efficient.

Papers and Excels

Manual rewriting or paper and Excel records. You wouldn't believe how much time it all costs. If you're still doing this, it's definitely time to contact us. We will find out how we can help you.

Old systems

Programs that are no longer the youngest often no longer meet the expected requirements. It's time to replace them with a more modern and scalable tailored application that will make your life easier.


We don't want to take anyone's job they like, but a lot of activities can be replaced by automated systems. Suddenly, instead of a lot of employees, you have only the really best ones.

Data validating

You can leave checking or testing of the data to machines. For example: forms on your website, information about suppliers, customers, employees or products.

Internal processes

If more than one person work on one task, either gradually or simultaneously, they must communicate with each other. In addition, communication can be linked to a specific task – for easier traceability and clarity.

Connecting apps

If you use several different applications, in which you often enter the same data all the time, it can be useful to use APIs to link the applications and let them pass the data automatically.

Let's see what we can help you with?

Of course, let's see!

We use modern technologies.

We are up to date and that is why we will build your web application on modern Node.js and the NoSQL database MongoDB technologies. We then deploy the application to a Debian or Ubuntu Linux server.

Together, these technologies will allow us to create a fast, scalable, cross-platform, and globally available application that you can use for a very long time.