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Data modeling – part of app development.

What data modeling is.

Proper modeling of the data that the application works with streamlines their processing. Especially by keeping the data clear. Thanks to their models, data have a clear structure and are easier to understand.

How data modeling works.

Data are divided into collections, for example User and Article. Each data collection determines what data should look like. Reading and writing of data then always takes place through the created models. For example, the Article model might look like this. Do you like it?

    name: String,
    published: Date,
    author: {
        id: String,
        name: String,
    text: String,
    tags: [String],

Mongoose and MongoDB.

We model the data using the mongoose JavaScript library. This library is intended for the NoSQL database MongoDB, which we use for most of the applications we develop.

We then store the data itself in the MongoDB database. Why MongoDB? You can read about it! Will you?

When we model data.

It is an integral part of the development of every application we work on. From the beginning, we are figuring out how to store data the most conscientious way so that it can be worked with them as easily as possible.

For each application that we develop for you, the data is clearly structured and easy to process.